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On Hold Messages is a great way to let customers know more details about how your company works, and what products or services you offer. It is also a great way to share information with your clients including things like your location, open hours, website, and upcoming promotions or events. They are also a valuable tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes, because they can help establish a professional sounding first impression, and keep callers on hold for longer.

Media Messages Melbourne offers a variety of flexible on hold message packages depending on how many messages you want, and how often you would like to have them updated.

The process to establish your own custom messages on hold is actually quite simple and only takes a few days for us to turn your info and script ideas into a professional sounding completed audio production.

The Process:

1. Try before you buy - submit an online request and get an audio production sample customised for your business and hear how fantastic a message on hold program can sound.

2. Contact our very friendly sales team, and they will discuss our various on hold message packages with you to help you find the one best suited for your business. They will also discuss other audio advertisement options such as after hour messages, auto attendants and IVR prompts.

3. A brief will then be sent to you for you to fill out, our copywriters will then be in touch with you in order to get all the information they need to write you an entertaining and informative on hold message script.

4. When you have approved your script, it then goes into production, and we will get your selected voice over artist to read your script. The voice recording is then sent to our editing rooms and our production team will combine your selected royalty free on hold music and sound effects if required. They will also make sure to edit out any background noise from our production.

5. And finally, once you have approved your production, we will send your on hold message program to you ready for you to simply click into your on hold digital equipment (supplied by us) or we can upload it via the Internet (you will need to discuss on hold equipment and phone systems with our sales team). It's as simple as that!

Don't wait, call us today to find out more about how on hold messages can help boost your business profile by creating a professional corporate image for even the smallest companies.

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